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[HCM] Tuyển Gấp Airfreight Operator

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Xin chào, Khách hàng của bên mình là một công ty nước ngoài hoạt đông trong lĩnh vực Logistics tại Việt Nam (tên là Toll Global). HIện nay mình chịu trách nhiệm tuyển dụng vị trí này như sau: 
+ Địa điểm: Quận 3, TP. HCM
+ Thời gian: 06 tháng
+ Lương: ~ 10tr 
+ Phỏng vấn đậu đi làm ngay.
The Airfreight Operation is responsible for handling all air shipments (inbound and outbound)

- Air export: checking air rates and booking with airlines; dealing with vendors on trucking cost, EXW charges; following up cargo check-in terminal process of shippers; sending pre-alert, tracing shipments’ status, issuing AWB/Manifest/Debit Note, input data into company’s system; working with Outdoor Op team on cargo handling in terminal to ensure cargo is received smoothly and met airlines’ cut-off time.
- Air import: working with overseas branches/agents on pre-alert, tracing, preparing Delivery Order, Arrival Notice, input data into company system; checking rates with sub-contractors for DDP, DDU shipments; following up cargo delivery process to consignees.
Solving all irregular cases like damage, missing, shortage, delay, offload, missing documents, wrong documents by tracing/tracking shipments with airlines/carriers/ terminal, then inform both customers and counter stations/agents of irregularity.
+ Damage, missing, shortage: to get irregularity report from terminal, to file pre-claim to airlines/carriers, to notice customers and counter stations/agents of the issue, to keep track of the case until it’s closed 

+ Delay, offload: to follow shipments’ status, then notify customers and counter stations/agents of the delay, delay notice or sorry letter and new schedule as well

+ Missing / wrong documents: amending HAWB, supplement HAWB, Manifest to terminal warehouse,…

Providing overseas branches/ agents and local customers with quotation inquiries.
Supporting Sales team in business development by providing with the best rates, local charges and good quality service
Making sure that all clients’ complaints are fulfilled.
Follow up data compliance, check payment with airlines/vendors, complete VIP reports,…. 

1-year experience in Freight Forwarding Industry
Microsoft Office proficient
Communication skills
Carefulness, dedicated, hard-working
Ability to build business relationships with vendors, customers, and co-workers

- Vui lòng contact mình qua sđt 0254 3612 869 (ext 299) 
- Ms. Mai Ngô: maingo @ vungtaujob. com


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